Collection: Mandala Tapestry

The original meaning of Mandala is -circle. It represent fullness, wholeness, and infinity, helping us understand what exists beyond the world we inhabit. You can use a Mandala wall tapestry in so many ways throughout your home. Gojeek we have collected massive mandala designs in different colors you might want to hang in every room.

For Mandala tapestries, the colors are extremely symbolic and have deep meaning:

  • Green: psychic, physical healing, love of nature
  • Red: passion, strength, and high levels of energy
  • Black: mysterious, individuality, and deep thinker
  • Orange: creativity, intuition, and self aware
  • Purple: spiritual
  • Yellow: Wisdom, laughter, and genuine happiness
  • Pink: Romance, feminine, and inner voice
  • Blue: meditation, emotional freedom and inner peace

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